Flare & mudflap kit

50mm Wide to suit Ford Next Gen Ranger

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Introducing the Overland Tourers Australia 50mm Flare Kit for Ford Next Gen Ranger models. Designed to effortlessly enhance your car's aesthetic, functionality, and build capabilities. Both the flares and mudflaps were designed in unison, providing further protection without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Available for various tyre sizes, including 35" or 33" and smaller, with front flare only kits available.

Built Here.

The OTA Next Gen Flare & Mudflap Kits are designed and manufactured right here in Queensland, Australia. Available for direct shipping to your door Australia-wide. Please contact the team if you require international shipping.

Design Insight.

Designed to seamlessly replace your vehicle's OE flare and mudflaps while preserving an authentic factory appearance. Providing a legal and protective solution for accommodating larger wheels and tires, supporting up to Pos18 with an 18-inch rim on a 35x12.5-inch size tire.

  • Compatible with all Ford Next Gen models (excluding Raptor), offering an easy DIY installation and backed by a 12-month warranty. No adhesives needed, and no modifications required unless opting for a 35-inch tire kit.
  • Flares crafted from durable Black Acrylic capped ABS, offering UV resistance and requiring no painting unless desired.
  • The mudflaps are made of UHMWPE for impact resistance, UV stability, and durability. Finished in a smooth black that blends with the vehicle's existing accents.

Key Features.

Complete Protection / 50mm Wide / No Paint Needed / Customisable Options / Seamless Integration / ADR Compliant / Easy Installation / Lightweight / Weather Resistant / Easy to Install / Cohesive Design / Australian Made


Our Flare & Mudflap kit's are designed for a simple DIY or professional installation. Utilising all OE mount points from the original flares, you will simply remove the exisiting flare / mudflaps & replace with the new kit. Overall removal & fitment time is approximately 3-4hrs depending on the kit being fitted. No glue or stick-on is involved in the installation process.

To make things as simple as possible you will be provided with clear instructions & video walkthrough on how to install your kit.

Vehicle Application.

We’ve created the Flare & Mudflap kits to suit you exact vehicle requirements. Choosing the correct kit for yourself will require:

Model Selection


Wheel & Tyre Size

  • Available for various tyre sizes, including 35" or 33" and smaller, with front flare only kits available.

Any questions or concerns?

The team will be more than happy to help!