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It should be noted that no additional warranties will be added to manufacturers warranties.

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Manufacturer Warranty's


Ironman 4×4 is the national distributor of Alu-Cab products in Australia. Ironman 4×4 will warrant the original buyer of Alu-Cab products in Australia, in line with the Alu-Cab warranty guidelines.

Ironman 4×4 warrants the original buyer, only when purchased new via authorised Alu-Cab resellers and distributors, from date of retail sale and cannot be transferred. Product is warranted against defects in material or workmanship that cause the product to perform below the specified limits set by Alu-Cab, to the extent that Ironman 4×4 will repair or replace any parts which are found to be defective as advised by Alu-Cab.


  • Structural Components (frames, panels, etc.)


  • Moving Parts (hinges, shocks, sliders, etc.)

It is at the discretion of Ironman 4×4, via Alu-Cab, if a repair will be made or a replacement issued once the product has been inspected by an Ironman 4×4 representative and deemed to be a genuine warrantable claim. All warranty claims must be submitted via original purchasing store or chain, unless otherwise arranged. Proof of original purchase must be presented upon request.

Products may be required to be returned to Ironman 4×4 for assessment or repair. Ironman 4×4 is not responsible for postage or removal costs involved, but assistance may be considered at the discretion of Ironman 4×4 in the event of such a claim being verified.

The warranty does NOT apply where, 1) acts of neglect or misuse are evident, 2) product has been modified, 3) vehicles which are modified or not the recommended vehicle of use, 4) used in racing or competition conditions without the prior consent of Ironman 4×4, 5) used beyond the expectations of the original vehicle manufacturer.

Before installation of any product, please ensure you have received the correct parts for your application. Ordering of the correct parts is the responsibility of the buyer. Return of a product in an unused condition will attract a 15% restock fee, where Ironman 4×4 is not at fault.

Return of used or soiled product, 1) outside warranty period, 2) without fault, will result in refusal of your claim and be returned at buyer’s expense. Damage to products through fitment error is not covered under warranty.

Our goods come with statutory guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage contingent on that failure. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if they fail to be of acceptable quality even if the failure does not amount to a major failure.

For all up to date information on Ironman 4x4 product warranties refer to: Ironman 4x4 Warranty

  • Subject to payment in full being made as defined in clause 6, of the complete Terms & Conditions as found at , Jmacx Off Road Solutions shall use its best endeavours to pass on to the Customer the benefit of any warranties or guarantees it receives in respect of Goods or parts thereof supplied to the Customer.
  • A standard warranty of 12 weeks, calculated from the date of purchase will apply on all refurbished/reconditioned products and electrical products. Whereby an item is refurbished/reconditioned only the new components used are covered under the specific warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty will apply on all other products and the warranty card and proof of purchase must accompany Goods for repair; otherwise nominal service charges will apply and are payable by the Customer.
  • The return of Goods for replacement will not be permitted without a prior Return Authorisation (RA) Number from Jmacx Off Road Solutions,
  • The return of Goods for warranty consideration will not be permitted without completion of a warranty claim form,
  • Repaired non-warranty Goods will be charged to the Customer who may on charge these costs to the retailer, these Goods will be shipped on a prepaid freight basis borne by the Customer.
  • All returns are subject to Jmacx Off Road Solutions restocking policy and fees, and freight or peculiar charges will not be credited.
  • Warranty does not cover product used in any type of racing or Motorsport competition, custom or modified applications under Jmacx Off Road Solutions range of product, any illegal highway, marine, industrial or commercial use.
  • Warranty only covers faulty components or faulty workmanship with respect to the purchased product.
  • This Warranty does not cover damage, fault, failure or malfunction of the Goods due to external causes including but not limited to accident, abuse, misuse, problems with electrical power, servicing not authorised by Jmacx Off Road Solutions, usage and/or storage and/or installation not in accordance with Product instructions, failure to perform required preventive maintenance, normal wear and tear, or any attempt by any other person other than Jmacx Off Road Solutions personnel or any person authorised by Jmacx Off Road Solutions, to adjust, repair or support the Goods and problems caused by use of parts and components not supplied by Jmacx Off Road Solutions.
  • To the extent permitted by law, Jmacx Off Road Solutions and Customer agree that Jmacx Off Road Solutions will not be liable for Goods not being available for use, or for data or software which is lost, corrupted, deleted or altered. Jmacx Off Road Solutions shall not be liable to the Customer for any incidental, indirect or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the purchase, use or performance of Goods and services, even if Jmacx Off Road Solutions has been advised of their possibility.
  • To the extent permitted by law any typographical, accounting, clerical or other administrative error in sales literature, quotation, price list, acceptance of offer, invoice or other documentation or information issued by Jmacx Off Road Solutions shall be subject to correction without liability on the part of Jmacx Off Road Solutions.
  • Custom built products or products which have been especially ordered in for a Customer “Special Order” items will not be accepted for credit or refund.
  • All parts have a twelve (12) month warranty from the date of purchase unless otherwise stated on the product details, or extended by the manufacturer.
  • The warranty is offered to the original purchaser only
  • All reconditioned and used parts have a three (3) month warranty from the date of purchase.
  • No warranty will apply to any components used in a competition vehicle or any vehicle used in off-road events.

The repairs and/or replacements under this warranty will be subject to the following conditions.

  • Whether the part is repaired or replaced is the sole option of Marks 4WD Adaptors.
  • All warranty claims must be returned to Marks 4WD at the customer’s expense. No shipment will be accepted unless it has been prepaid.
  • The warranty does not cover the removal or refitting expenses, loss of use of the vehicle, loss of time, inconvenience, towing or recovery or any other consequential damage. These costs will be borne by the customer.
  • All parts must be returned to Marks 4WD for inspection before any warranty claim may be processed.
  • That the defect was not caused by an accident, misuse, neglect or lack of maintenance.
  • No product manufactured by Marks 4WD Adaptors or its subsidiary companies can be altered, modified or re-welded without the written consent of Marks 4WD Adaptors.
  • No warranty will be considered on any item that has been modified eg ground or dilled without the written consent of Marks 4WD Adaptors.
  • No warranty will apply to any components that are improperly installed
  • No warranty will be considered unless an invoice copy or proof of purchase date accompanies any claim.

These warranties are additional to any conditions or warranties applying by virtue of the Trade Practices Act or legislation of any State or Federal Government. Specific State Laws and Regulations make the fitting of some motor accessories and performance equipment illegal on certain model cars, other than those used for racing or off-road purposes. It is your responsibility to ensure that the goods you are purchasing can be legally fitted to the intended vehicle. Marks 4WD will not be held responsible for any legal consequence as a result of the fitting of any engine or transmission adaptor kit.

Saber Offroad cover all items they sell for a minimum of 12 months for parts and manufacturing from date of purchase. If a warranty is authorised, Saber Offroad is only obligated to cover the replacement or re-issue of the original parts. Under no circumstances is Saber Offroad liable for any costs involving shipping, removal and replacement labour costs or other associated work. The warranty is strictly a parts only coverage.

Download the following document for TAG Towbars "Limited Lifetime Warranty Terms & Conditions" PDF:

TAG Towbars Warranty

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