So what are portal axles?

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Marks 4wd Portal Axles

Portal axles are a 70 Series Toyota LandCruiser modification that raises the height of the axle and diff housing above the wheel hub, increasing ground clearance. A set of gears then connect the axle shaft to the wheel hub. Portal axles are the ultimate lift kit for your 4×4, giving you extra clearance to handle the toughest of terrain and look like a beast out on the tracks.

Getting Started with Portal Axles

  • Comfort, comfort and more comfort.
  • Lift your vehicle without sacrificing the quality of your ride on the road.
  • With the addition of 35″ tyres the total increase in ground clearance is approximately 150mm (6″) over standard.
  • When 35″ tyres are fitted, the differential to ground clearance is equivalent to having a standard live axle fitted with 43″ tyres.
  • Improved articulation is also experienced due to the increase in the vehicle track.Less body sway is also experienced due to the standard height springs and retention of the sway bars.
  • The 16% gear reduction offers this same percentage increase in strength to all of the transmission components from the CV joints back to the engine.
  • Each transmission holds approximately 450ml of oil.
  • The oil supplied with the portal assemblies is a high quality full synthetic oil.
  • The portal axle assemblies are supplied with breather hoses, manifold, and filters.
  • Portal vehicles have undergone brake and lane change testing and have easily passed all the required tests.

Portal axles are designed for the following Toyota LandCruiser models:

VDJ76, VDJ78, VDJ79GRJ71, GRJ76, GRJ78, GRJ79

Please contact the team for up to date pricing and information.

New unregistered vehicles that have a GVM of 3300kg's can be fitted with Portal Axles under SSM approval and are Legal in all States of Australia. New vehicles with a GVM of 3510kg's are awaiting Federal approval. We will keep you updated when approval's are granted.

Unfortunetly not. All portal axle kits must be installed in-house at Mick Tighe 4×4 & Outdoor and certified prior to departure. You’re unable to purchase a portal axle kit and fit it yourself.

All about Portal Axles

Portal axles are proudly made in Australia. You’re supporting Australian manufacturing when you purchase Marks 4wd portal axles from Mick Tighe 4×4 & Outdoor. All components are manufactured in Dandenong, in Victoria, Australia.

A Toyota Landcruiser portal axle kit includes:

– New front diff housing and new larger, stronger rear diff housing manufactured to the correct wheel track

– One piece swivel housings for the front axle

– Portal axle system front and rear

– Forged chrome molly heavy duty spindles

– ARB single air compressor and switches

– Track increase of 80mm

– Air operated front freewheeling hubs

– Transmission drum brake system with bash guards

– Radiator underbody protection plate

– GVM Increase to 3950kg (VDJ79 series)

– GVM Increase to 3780kg (76/78 series)

– Upgraded slotted front and rear brake rotors / high temp brake pads

– Stainless braided brake lines

– Rubber wheel arch flare/wire retainer for front wheels only

– Breather system for portals, diffs, transmission and transfer cases

– SSM Approval for new vehicles

– Legal in all states of Australia

A portal axle kit will approximately add 120kg in weight to your vehicle (for the portal axle system itself), and approximately an extra 120kg for wheels and tyres.

Note: Vehicle weights will always vary depending on what accessories may be added to the car.

The overall height of your vehicle once fitted with portal axles will vary between landcruiser models.

The vehicle heights below are based off the Toyota specifications for GXL models of the following vehicles:

  • Toyota Landcruiser VDJ76 Wagon 2090mm                      
  • Toyota Landcruiser VDJ78 Troop Carrier 2265mm
  • Toyota Landcruiser VDJ79 Dual Cab 2105mm
  • Toyota Landcruiser VDJ79 Single Cab 2105mm

(Please Note: The overall height measurement is taken from the highest point which is the top of the snorkel. It does NOT take into account suspension lifts/roof rack accessories or any other accessories that will add to the vehicle height).

Mark's 4wd has got the following tyre/wheel options approved through SSM:

- 315/70/17, 35x12.5R17, 305/70/18, 35x12.5R18
- 17x8 with +47 +50 +60 offsets
- 17x9 with +40 +47 offsets
- 18x9 with +40 +47 offsets

SSM is an abbreviation for the second stage of manufacture.

SSM only applies to new vehicles that have not yet been registered.

Manufacturers apply, test and meet all conditions put to them by the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities. All ADRs (Australian Design Rules) must be adhered to. SSM approvals do not affect state and territory jurisdictional requirements. 

For example, Toyota Australia imports the Landcruiser as the first stage manufacturer. It meets all Australian design rule criteria.

A Marks 4wd portal axle system is then installed to the landcruiser pre-registration. We then apply to the department for the new VIN plate under our SSM approval. The department then issues the VIN plate after all quality control obligations have been met.

The vehicle is then recognised federally as having the equipment installed under the approval, and this is recorded on the Federal government database. The vehicle can then be registered in any state.

If you wanted to sell your vehicle then this process is very straight forward as it can be registered in any state due to the SSM fit-out.

The booking process for portal axles

A 50% deposit is required to secure your portal axle kit installation.

The current lead time to have portal axles installed is approximately 8-12 weeks (which can be impacted by supplier stock levels, post registration requirements and a variety of factors depending upon the overall build requirements).

Portal axle builds are usually in the workshop for 2 weeks. However it can take longer depending on the scope of the build.

Here at Mick Tighe 4×4 & Outdoor, we can add any 4×4 accessory to your portal build.

We’ll help you build your dream 4×4 and can add 4×4 accessories including bullbars, suspension, spotlights, tow bars, custom made canopies and our exclusive custom flares. 

To book your vehicle in for a portal axle installation, the first step is to contact our team for a quote. We will work together to organise your build and all the accessories you would like fitted. After accepting the final quote, a 50% deposit is required up front to secure your portal axle installation.

Portal Axle Care & Warranty

Yes, you are provided with a log book for your portal axle system. Servicing takes place every 10,000km or 6 months, whichever comes first.

Portal axles warranty is three years or 100,000km, whichever comes first.

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