Next-Gen Ranger Fleet | Protection, Safety, Lighting, Communication & More. - Mick Tighe 4x4 & Outdoor

Next Gen Fleet build ticks off all the boxes. A comprehensive package that provides safety, protection, lighting, communication & easy use, easy access accessories.  This build was done for a local dealership.


  • Ironman 4x4 Commercial Steel Bull Bar

  • Black Duck Canvas Seat Covers (Front & Rear)


  • Ionnic Minebar
    • LED Beacon & Reverse Beepers
    • Deutsch Connector on Chassis Frame (For Easy Disconnect)
  • First Aid Kit (w/ Snake Bite Kit)
  • Safety Triangle Kit
  • Fire Extinguiser
  • Wheel Chock Kit
  • Wheel Nut Indicators


  • GME TX3359 w/ AE4018K1 Antenna
  • Cel Fi Go Telstra 3/4/5G Mobile Phone Booster Kit w/ CD8195-B Radome Antenna


  • Ironman 4x4 21.5" Bright Sabre Double Row LED Lightbar 200W
  • OTA Lightswitch Panel (Cupholder Replacement) connected to Lightbar & Minebar.